Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Plan Your Wedding or Manage It?

I would like to thank Alan Berg (author, professional speaker, marketing guru, for the following article published in Beautiful Bride Magazine (! Well said!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Destination Planning 102: Location, Location, Location

It is not just in leasing office space that you realize that the location is going to be crucial to the theme and style of your event. Once you have decided on your guest list and the travel restrictions inherent to that group of individuals, then it is time to narrow the world of choices down to a manageable number.

This is really where we come in.  Not only will we match you with a great travel agent (Ruth Daniel is one of our favorites, but we will also research the areas which will be most suitable to your specific needs and style. Villas, Resorts, Beach Condos, Private homes can be found in just about any location, but we also make note of whether you want the beach or just the ocean, a garden or a castle. We make a short list for you, as we will with any vendors, and then we discuss the "finalists" with you.

At this point, it is time to put on your travelling shoes.  We have coordinated events at locations which had been unseen prior to set-up of the event.  This is NOT preferred. There are so many details that are worked out on the planning trip that cannot be done once on-site at "go-time." When we know the limitations and restrictions we will be faced with, we can plan ahead and pack those items that are vitally necessary to a "Precisely Perfect" outcome. And, it is nice to take a break from life while planning to check out where you will be headed in a few months. As it is with the Tuscan Villa above, The Convento dei Cappuccini, there are issues that you will only see once you are on the ground.  Of course, you will also get the sense of history and passion and it will excite you all the more as well.

Are you ready? Let's go!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Destination Planning 101: Guest List Deliberations

At Precisely as Planned, we have clients of all personalities and visions, but the common theme across all of them is the desire to have a uniquely beautiful event. Some are definitely more whimsical than others, but the elegance is evident in each individual.  We repeatedly say that we have the best clients!

So, when our clients come to us to help them plan a destination affair, we are all in.  We know the challenges that are faced during the planning process, and we are there to alleviate the stress and handle the issues all along the way. And we are excited about it!

So, how do you get started on the destination course?  The first hurdle is the same as with any event: Decide on the guest list. It is vitally important to the locations and types of venues you will be sifting through to know not only how many people will be there, but who they are.  Do your guests regularly travel?  Do they have passports? Are they easily mobile? Do they have flexible schedules (Destinations by definition quite often take a little more travel time than the typical location)?

Are they adventurous or do you need something closer to civilization? Will your guests be expecting 5-star accommodations, or are their budgets decidedly tighter (camping anyone?)?

And, then you get to the question of how many will be joining you at this location.  Are you having a small get-away for 20 guests in a Tuscan Villa or looking for a semi-formal wedding at a caribbean resort for 75?
You will be inviting 100 people, but of those people, how many are likely to make the trip?

Guest list is so very important in event planning, but even more so when everyone will be travelling for your event.. This is all a lot to consider, but that is why we are here to help! Let's get started planning yours today.

Incidentally, thank you to Peyronet Photography for the above photo...what a fun shoot in our bikinis!

Lesli and Brett

 What an beautiful day in June to get married.  The families all gathered to celebrate the wedding of two of the most perfectly suited people in the world.  Lesli and Brett are clearly in love, and it is so fun to have been working with them.

 A pre-ceremony photo shoot for just the bride and groom allowed them to have time just to be together and prepare for their special day...together.

 Unique details were in abundance throughout the entire event.  From the detailed birdcage to the memory table, this was a tailor-made day.
 Bella Flora of Dallas worked to ensure that each of the special touches that Lesli had envisioned were made reality.  Including these interesting composite florals made from a wood type material (shown along with peonies in the bridal bouquet).
 The chuppah was created as a joint effort between Bella Flora and RandyRo Entertainment, who also provided the lighting, sound, and entertainment for the evening.

 The Gaylord Resort provided a gorgeous back drop both in the Yellow Rose Ballroom for the Wedding and the Grapevine Ballroom for the Reception.
 A little bit of cotton candy was a really sweet treat!
 And the cakes designed by Delicious Cakes of Addision were sweet as well.

Congratulations Lesli and Brett (yes, you are my favorite ;).  Thank you to Cindy and Saylor Photographers for the fabulous photos!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lauren and Andy

 Lauren and Andy met with me only a few months before their wedding.  They are an extremely busy couple, Lauren as a nurse and Andy as an officer. They knew what they wanted, they were just not sure where to find "it."  That is where we came in to help.
 Lauren and her girls prepared for the day at the Worthington Hotel, just a convenient few blocks from the Maddox-Muse Building at Bass Performance Hall where the wedding and reception would be held.
 The men arrived and dressed on site, while enjoying a bit of down time.

 The beautiful decor was created by A Rose in Bloom. The bridal bouquet, in particular, was a stunning combination of white and pink peonies.

 Rather than a traditional wedding cake, Lauren and Andy chose to have an assortment of their favorite desserts from locations all over the metroplex including Cheesecake Factory and Trulucks.

 And a great escape...caught!  The newlyweds were hauled off in handcuffs thanks to Andy's boss.

Congratulations to a very sweet couple! And, a big thank you to Stacey Pinkney of Simple Moments Photography for these amazing photos!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Carmen and Sam

To say I worry about the weather on the day of an outdoor wedding is a gross understatement.  This is Texas, the only thing you can count on is a change in the weather.  However, our fab photographer, Michelle Peyronet Jones,  is always right (please don't tell her I told you), and she said it was going to be a perfect day.  And so it was!

 Carmen was radiating joy all day as she prepared in the master suite of the gorgeous family lakehouse. Christie Lee Mua did a splendid job enhancing Carmen's natural beauty.

 Thanks to the aritstry of Kate Foley (Kate Foley Designs), the entire landscape was inspiring.

 There ceremony was gracefully accompanied by the sweet sounds of a string quartet from Serenata Strings.

 And, we always are excited to work with our favorite officiant, Rev. Ron Johns, Jr.
 This smile lit up the entire day!

 Yummy!  Cowboy Cookies in a Jar - now that it a favor that everyone liked!

 And then, of course, there was the food.  There are so many reasons that I love Tastefully Yours, but one of the primary reasons (beyond their food being scrumptious) is that their food LOOKS INCREDIBLE!

 We must also give a shout out to Alex Garcia and the staff of Celebration Event Rental for creating the perfect reception environment.  Their commitment to excellence is rare, and the quality of their products is un-matched.  This dancefloor was like a building foundation, as sturdy as any I have ever seen.

They happily exited to their awaiting convertible.  May you have many joy-filled years together!